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Mars Translation International Communication and Cultural Studies Scholarship

Global significance of International communication and cultural studies, helps to make this course the top most priority of many students.

Mars Translation is devoted to develop a new brigade of youth adept in international communication and cultural studies. Pursuing our aim, we feel pleased to be supporting the next generation of international communication masters who will hold the power to play well in the complex landscape of international communication and culturally diversified world.

This scholarship will provide financial aid to all the competitive students who yearn to pursue their career and educational growth in this field.


Amount: $500
Deadline: 30 December 2017
Award Date: 17th January 2018

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Following is the scholarship eligibility criteria:

  • Having 16 years of education in the related field
  • Having a robust plan to contribute in the international communication and global culture
  • Work experience of at least 6 months with an international brand or organization

Application Details

Following documents should be submitted:

  • An online application form with accurate details
  • A video (3 - 4 mints) or essay (700 – 800 words) indicating your goals with respect to your pursuit for international communication and cultural studies

Apply Now

Terms and Conditions

The scholarship award of $500, awarded by Mars Translation, will be awarded in the form of a cheque. The scholarship funds can only be used in the domain of International Communication and Cultural Studies, other this domain, the scholarship fund is declared to be null and void.

Scholarship winners will be notified via email and within a duration of 2 weeks, the winners would be required to deliver the scanned copy of their documents and pictures. After 2 weeks, in case the required documents are not submitted, Mars Translation holds the right to fortify the award. Moreover, the taxes on the price money are applicable and are the sole responsibility of the award recipients.


By accepting the scholarship award, the award recipients accept to the condition that Mars Translation holds the right to use the name of the award recipients for the publicity purpose without notifying the award recipients. The purpose of publicity may vary as well as the targeted media can also be diversified.

Termination and Modification

Mars Translation, by any mean, holds the right to terminate any application or its decision. Moreover, Mars Translation also holds the right to modify its terms and conditions and policy in terms of scholarship award program.